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Hemp Defies Hurdles to Make a Comeback in Spain

Spain is experiencing a resurgence of hemp, one of the species of cannabis with the lowest THC content, which has been used for millennia to produce textile, medicinal and food products. “Hemp has been planted since the beginning of time for its nutritional properties...

CBD como terapia de sustitución en la adicción al tabaco

  ¿Quién no sabe lo que dice: “Este año dejé de fumar”? ¡Si eso fuera tan fácil, pero desafortunadamente hace que el tabaco sea adictivo! Y si creemos las palabras del conocido abogado penal holandés, Bénédicte Ficq, incluso de manera muy consciente. Esa...

Autores de Hero Seeds Comics

  Hero Seeds is a group adventure set in the present which tells the origins and first adventures of a group of superheroes gathered together by an extra-terrestrial who is rebelling against the order established by the Draco, a violent race of reptilians who have...

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