From the collaboration between HelloMD, a US community with 150 thousand users that connects patients, doctors, experts and companies on the subject of cannabis and Brightfield Group, a research and market analysis company for organizations focused on the cannabis industry, was born an important study that saw the data collection of 2500 group members on the use of CBD in the therapeutic field.

It emerged that 58% of consumers are women and prefer to use oil rich in CBD through vaporizers, followed inflorescences with a high content of CBD and then topical products and dyes. 80% explained that they use it at least once a week and 40% every day.

“We are seeing an exponential growth in the interest of products with CBD from our patient community, particularly among women,” said Dr. Perry Solomon, HelloMD’s medical director. “While we still have much to learn about this cannabinoid, we can not ignore the fact that most of those who use it today receive a great benefit”

But the most important factor that emerged is the one related to the change in the choice of therapies. In fact, after trying the CBD, 42% abandoned traditional medicine to embrace the exclusive use of products with a high CBD content. These are people who have to deal with insomnia, depression, anxiety, joint pain and even Crohn’s disease, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Feedback from 80% of respondents confirmed that CBD is “very or extremely effective”, having analgesic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, while 3% find it “ineffective or only slightly effective”.