Hero Seeds is a group adventure set in the present which tells the origins and first adventures of a group of superheroes gathered together by an extra-terrestrial who is rebelling against the order established by the Draco, a violent race of reptilians who have quite a large part of the universe under their yoke. Including, of course, the Earth. The series includes large doses of humour, parody and… Cannabis. The idea was born by Diego Motta, author of Hero Seeds who for his project wanted with him international artists such as Alfonso Azpiri, Ariel Olivetti, Glen Farby and many others. Below you can find a list of all the artists who worked for Hero Seeds, thanking them for their fantastic work. 🙂 Alfonso Azpiri Ariel Olivetti Daniel Acuña Eduardo Risso Glenn Farby Jose Fonollosa Rafael Garres Sergio Bleda Victor Santos Adrian Bago Alek Andres Palanka Lorena Azpiri Rafa Sandoval Diego Motta