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Diesel Girl

A young Japanase scientist, whose DNA carries long-term effects from the Hiroshima bomb explosion she survived alongside her grandmother. She develops an original scientific formula after experimenting with one of the specimens that fell upon Earth when Alien Jack’s spaceship was destroyed. The representative of the Draco’s shadows government wants to buy her discoveries, but she refuses. In turn they try to destroy the lab with her in it and the exposion causes an unexpected reaction from the fluids of her experiments, which gives her superpowers, turning her into Diesel Girl.

Plant description

A never ending source of energy! Derived from the “ChemDawg” genetics, the future of non-fossilized fuel has arrived! It doeesn’t pollute, it produces greater energy and to top it all off, you get ripped! Its characteristics offer a mixture of distinct citric flavors that are long lasting and provide a narcotic effect. A great outdoor choice.




Mexican Sativa Afghani + Northern Light + Ortega + Afghani SA + Hash plant


30% Sativa / 70% Indica


Indoor / Outdoor


600+ g/m2


THC: 17-20%, CBN: 1%, CBD: 0,6%


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