Lemon z

The mother that we selected from Kompolti to work has the following characteristics: THC alleles: Closed (That guarantees there will be less rise by external factors) CBD alleles: Open (This means that the ratio of CBD production has been between 6-8% ) we check with different tests that It is compatible with the auto cruises. The selection of seed genetics was made based on the parameters of the quality of the flower and the right THC and CBD level You can say that this variety LEMON Z is selected by appropriate phenotype and feminized of Kompolti by Kompolti.




   Kompolti X Kompolti


           100% Sativa


  Interior: m2/ 350-400 g

  Exterior: m2/ 400-450 g


   Interior : 70-75 days
Exterior: 140-150 days


THC: 0,18%, CBD: 6-8%