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If you are one of those who realizes the senselessness of this society and these reptilian laws, if you think that the block chain and decentralization is the future and the tools we have to free ourselves from the oppressive yoke of the current system, then you are already a candidate perfect to be part of our club.
Together we will give more for the ass among all.

Owners of 1 NFT from this collection will have access to:

➡️ The complete Hero Seeds comic, published by the defunct publisher Khalada Comics in 2008 and currently out of print, you can exclusively enjoy the complete 110 pages story and the art of the best comic artists of the last decades.

Possession of this NFT identifies you as an exclusive member of the NFT Crypto Hero Club and all its advantages:

🔵 Discounts on future drops and collections.

🔵 Participation in NFT giveaways for future collections.

🔵 Access to restricted slots in the NFT Crypto Hero metaverse (coming soon).

🔵Discounts on collectible products from the page “HeroSeeds.com” current and future platforms (coming soon).

🔵 Access to presales and exclusive collections for club members in future collections:

🔵 Alien Jack Motta 3D sculpture made from the design of “Ariel Olivetti” (famous comic artist 20 years working for Marvel DC and the world’s leading publishers).

Modeled by “Martin Canale” (Sideshow Collectibles sculptor) doing modeling work for years of the most famous franchises between cinema, comics and pop culture of the moment. The NFT will be unique from the Canale model, it will have different rarities and values, this collection has a special gift; When you purchase the token, you will receive 1 free STL file of the figure, so you can print it and have it physically, as well as forever in the metaverse.

🔵 Coming soon ICH (Brutal Nature) collection inspired by the work of Ariel Olivetti and Luciano Saracino, which will soon give much to talk about. streaming platforms.

🔵 Magic cards with different rarities and value.

🔵 Coming soon: we are working together with an association for the conservation of the environment, more specifically for the care of eggs and monitoring of the entire process of the Leatherback turtle from its birth to its release into the sea. As well as the patrolling of beaches avoiding poaching and theft of eggs.
Once progress is made on the project, our club members will be informed of further details.

🔵 Coming soon: various projects in collaboration with animal shelters and kennels from various countries.
It is up to you that these projects and many more are carried out, become a member of this exclusive club and together we will change things.


By owning any NFT Crypto Hero token you will give us the push that we all need to change this shitty system.

All the details of the club:
Discounts, presales, raffles and other details will be published on our social networks (Hero Seeds)

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Mythical Covers
Mythical Covers
Mythical Covers

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