Black Domina


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Black Domina, this cannabis strain is a cross between Northern Lights and Hash Plant. This is a very potent marijuana strain that is not for beginners or new marijuana users.

This cannabis strain will give you a very strong and intense effect. It is a very powerful marijuana strain that provides a feeling of euphoria that will only last a couple of hours. You will feel relaxed and happy while high on Black Domina. But this euphoria is also accompanied by a certain paranoia.

Black Domina is also a very cerebral marijuana strain, as you will be very talkative and will really want to tell jokes and make funny comments. This strain of marijuana is also very good at relieving pain and can help you a lot when you are in pain or when you are sick.

This cannabis strain is a very potent marijuana strain and new users should not use this strain. If you have never smoked marijuana before, it is best not to use Black Domina.

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