Blue Monster


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Blue Monster marijuana is a potent and flavorful sativa-dominant hybrid, with a unique and attractive flavor and aroma. The high is uplifting and joyous, with a lucid, euphoric and creative cerebral high.

Blue Monster is a strain that has become so popular and well known among cannabis users that it has become something of a legend. The popularity and reputation of the variety precede it, and it is known to live up to the hype.

Blue Monster marijuana is an excellent choice for morning or day use because it contains only minor psychoactive effects. Most people have reported that Blue Monster can give them a happy and active mental high in the morning, but not too much to impair their ability to do their job. This strain is also a favorite among medicinal users due to its ability to alleviate a number of ailments.

The Blue Monster marijuana strain is said to be best grown indoors when ready to harvest. It is a high-yielding product, producing a great harvest in a relatively short time. It grows well in soil, but prefers hydroponic methods if available.

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