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VENALSOL – LED projector grow AGRO – K (Sosen 0-10Vcc)


1 LED projector grow AGRO – K (Sosen 0-10Vcc) + 10 seeds + 5 Comics + HS t-shirt

Technical sheet EN-9.0-2020


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LED projector grow AGRO – K (Sosen 0-10Vcc)

Hero Seeds presents the best LED solution for flowering.

AGRO-K uses a full spectrum that promotes nutrient absorption, its light

below 400nm (ultra-violet) and far infrared (730nm) guarantee quality and

quantity in production. With maximum intensity in the 400nm. Designed to

provide photomorphogenic responses beneficial,low stress and higher THC

content. It can be regulated from 0-10Vcc, and turn off completely

respecting the necessary photoperiods.

Additional information

Weight 12 g
Dimensions 130 × 40 × 40 cm


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