White Rhino


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White Rhino marijuana strain is a sativa dominant hybrid. This strain is perfect if you want to feel energized and uplifted. It also has a relaxing effect as well. This strain is perfect for day time activities. Some of the best activities to do on this strain are hiking and yoga.

The color of the White Rhino strain is visually pleasing. The buds are a light green color with orange hairs. When you look at the buds, you can see that the individual leaves are covered with a layer of crystals.

The buds themselves are well developed with a fluffy frosty layer that makes the bud appear white. The buds are dense and compact, giving you a smooth smoking session.

The flavor is a very pungent skunky flavor. The smoke is smooth, which is nice. When smoking, the smoke is very thick. The smell is similar to that of a skunk.

White Rhino marijuana strain is one of the most effective strains for pain. This strain is also great if you suffer from depression or anxiety. This strain can also help with focusing and getting work done.

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