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Hero Seeds

The first seed bank world wide
that has its own comic


Classic Names

Hero Seeds

The first seed bank world wide
that has its own comic

Classic Names

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About Us

Hero Seeds is the first seed bank world wide that has its own comic!
The idea was born in 2002 by our friend and founder Diego Motta.

For this project, Diego, wanted to invest heavily, therefore he hired an author and publishers who had previously worked and are currently involved in
famous projects like Star Wars, Marvel, 100 Balas and many more.
We have been in this market for 16 years and we can proudly say that we are at the forefront of our industry. We have developed 10 different seeds
and 10 different characters edited in 10 different chapters and we are currently working on new genetics, designs and new hemp products.
The history of the comic was initially written in Spanish and we are now launching (Registered Comics and Registered Seeds) Heroseeds Pack
Collectible in English without competitors in the market, it is an exclusive perfect product to expand retail stores, grow shops or current dispensaries.

Hero Seed has been marketed world-wide, from Europe to South America to Russia.
Hero Seeds has created and developed 10 characters and each character comes along with its own seed and story …
… just for the time being because we are working on new characters and new intriguing stories!


Hero Seeds Chapter 2

We are Rolling the second chapter of the comic

“Hero Seeds”

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